Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome to Fair Trade Gwangju

This is the home of the organisation of a group of Koreans and foreigners looking at the issues and benefits of fair trade, including the availability of fair trade products in Gwangju City, Jeollanamdo.

In terms of products, the main focus is initially coffee. Fair trade chocolate is available in slightly more limited supply... as far as we know as of 24th March, 2008. Any information on where to purchase any fair trade products in this city, province or country (including Korean language websites) is gladly welcomed and will be included on the site.

There are four specific areas of information we expect to provide.

1.) Articles generally outlining and introducing fair trade to a broader audience, including location of access points to fair trade products locally and nationally.
2.) Web links to sites, including fair trade organisations around the world, studies and information.
3.) Our own study on fair trade in Gwangju, focusing on attitudes toward the supply of fair trade coffee by major coffee chain stores in Gwangju.
4.) Upcoming events planned for World Fair Trade Day 2008, on Saturday 10th May, at The Gwangju International Center.

Visit here for regular updates on these areas, and more.

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Janinel said...

I worked for a Fair Trade company for two years before coming to Korea and even wrote a thesis on how Fair Trade positively affects the lives of women living within the cooperatives. Upon coming to Korea I had to give up coffee for several months until my Mom could send me a decent Fair Trade light roast! This is a great site and hopefully have a part in starting something big in Korea! I'm adding you to my blogroll for sure.

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