Monday, April 7, 2008

The Gwangju fair trade raffle prize pack

Raffle tickets (경풍 추첨권) are available now
at the Gwangju International Center - GIC.

The winning ticket will be drawn
and the prize pack presented on May 10th,
World Fair Trade Day 2008,
at 3.45 pm, in GIC.

All goods in the prize pack were purchased from Trade Aid,
the long established, internationally recognised fair trade store of New Zealand.

The prize pack is:

1.) A funky shopping bag.
Made in Bangladesh, this bag is made from jute (황마).
Useful for both grocery shopping and standing out in a crowd,
this brightly colourful handy bag was
made by CORR - The Jute Works.

2.) An ornamental picture frame and matching treasure box.
Both are made in India from varnished wood.

3.) An ornamental wooden puzzle.
Made in India from polished wood. (Not pictured as yet.)

4.) A cute cuddly toy.
This bright blue, friendly soft toy needs a name, a hug,
and a new home.
She/He/It was made in Guatemala from 100% cotton,
in the organisation named Upavim.

5.) Coffee, hot chocolate, green tea,
and three types of chocolate.
All are TradeAid brand,
and officially certified with the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation's certified fair trade logo.

Ethopian Yirgacheffe medium grind organic coffee (200 grams) ,
organic hot chocolate (336 grams),
organic green tea (50 tea bags),
organic dark chocolate (70% cacao, 100 grams)
Belgian dark chocolate (48% cacao, 50 grams)
Belgian milk chocolate (50 grams).

6.) One music CD, featuring:
Santana, Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger, The Gipsy Kings and others.
This CD entitled 'World Hits' is another colourful, fun compilation from the Putumayo World Music brand.

The prize pack will be stored and available for viewing at GIC from now until World Fair Day 2008 - May 10th - 3.45 p.m.

Will you be the one to take it home?

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