Friday, May 9, 2008

Fair Trade Coffee Survey

At GIC on Saturday 10th May, World Fair Trade Day 2008
there will be a fair trade coffee taste test sampling session.

There will also be organic fair trade green tea and black tea to try (in tea-bag form),
and there will be at least six different types of fair trade coffee to sample, including two from Korea.

All drinks cost whatever silver coin donation you would like to make. Suggested donation prices are w500 for instant coffees, and a bit more for whole bean varieties.

You are welcome to bring your own favourite cup from home,
or buy a paper cup at GIC
(w10 or coin donation, to discourage use of paper cups)
and try any of the number of coffees available.

Your vote will be sought on which fair trade coffee is best for GIC to offer regularly in the future.

The featured coffee below is the second from a Korean company.

The fourth featured coffee is in two different forms:

Brand: YMCA Korea, Peace Coffee Timor
Name: Peace Coffee - Coffee Bags; Peace Coffee - Whole Beans

This coffee comes in a unique and distinctive shade of egg-shell blue packaging, both appealing to the Korean sense of colour and reminiscent of the UN
flag and peace-keeping force beret.

Despite bearing no official international labels certifying its organic or fair trade status, it does come to Korea via the national YMCA network. Though the colour of the packaging may be the first thing you notice, you will probably remember this single origin coffee for its pure full flavour. It has been taste tested by the GIC volunteer staff who happily endorsed the rich taste with a hint of cheeky bitter after-taste.

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