Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fair trade coffee available now in Gwangju

In celebration of World Fair Trade Day 2008,
the Gwangju Fair Trade Movement is glad to announce
the discovery of two local brands of fair trade coffee in Gwangju
(and other cities around Korea),
another brand of coffee available online in Korea,
and then of course, there is always Starbucks' 'Estima'.

1.) The Beautiful Store's Beautiful Coffee has three varieties available:

'Nepal Coffee - A Gift from the Himalayas'

'Peru Coffee - A Gift from the Andes'

'Mountain Blend - Fair trade organic coffee'

* Available in whole beans, in pre-ground form, or in convenient single-serve coffee bags
* Available from:
- all Beautiful Store shops (eg. to the immediate left of Gwangju Train Station)
- all HomePlus supermarkets, in the 'whole bean' section of the coffee aisle

2.) YMCA's own 'Peace Coffee' imported from East Timor

* Available in whole bean form,
or conveniently packaged into single serve coffee bags
in three boxes of 15 each
(ie. 45 cup servings in one attractive boxed set).

* Available from the YMCA, upstairs on the third floor,
up the stairs to the left of the Tourist Information Office,
just opposite GIC, on Kumnamno.

3.) The long-established French fair trade coffee company Cafes Lobodis,
which is available through the new Korean online store 'Fair Trade Store,'
or at their shop in Apgujung in Seoul.

Lobodis is the Starbucks of fair trade coffees
in terms of its high profile which it enjoys in Europe
after celebrating its fifteenth year in business
but it is recognised for both quality of taste
and also ethical trading.

4.) Starbucks has one variety of fair trade coffee
which carries the official 'Fairtrade' logo, and is called Cafe Estima.
This is available in all Starbucks cafes in Gwangju and Korea
although only in packaged whole-bean form.
Company information on it is here and here.

It has this label on it:

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Mike said...

I am a pretty loyal consumer, especially when it comes to fair trade coffee, but that YMCA brand looks very slick..I hate to be so easily swayed by a pretty package, but this one really caught my eye..